• February 10, 2013 (KHARTOUM) - The Sudanese government and a splinter group of the Justice and Equality Movement (JEM) on Sunday signed a cease-fire agreement in Doha, Qatar, as a prelude to engaging in political talks. The JEM-Military Council rebel faction led by Mohamed Bashar signed on 24 January a framework Read More
  • February 10, 2013 (KHARTOUM) – The Sudanese president Omer Hassan al-Bashir has toughened his stance toward his country’s ongoing post-secession negotiations with South Sudan saying that they have no more concessions to offer. Sudanese President Omer Hassan al-Bashir (Reuters) In remarks at a hospital inauguration in Khartoum, Bashir stressed that previous Read More
  • Radio Dabanga -  February 11 Khartoum — The Sudanese President, Omar Al-Bashir, promised on Thursday, 7 February, to grant privileges to Chad to use the Red Sea for transporting incoming and outgoing goods.   Also, he announced the export of oil which is expected to be produced in northern Chad using the Sudanese Read More
  • This aerial photo shows a series of pyramids and graves that a team of archaeologists has been exploring at Sedeinga in Sudan. Since 2009 they have discovered at least 35 small pyramids at the site, the largest being 22 feet in width. Latinos Post -  February 07 By Peter Lesser   Thirty-five Read More
  • President of the Republic, Field Marshal Omer Al-Bashir, has reiterated the government determination to fulfill all its commitments with regard to implementation of Doha Document for Peace in Darfur. He pledged during his meeting with Chairman of Darfur Regional Authority, Dr Al-Tigani Sessi, at the Republican Palace Sunday to solve Read More
  • He said Sudan should observe wisdom and self-restraint in its dealing with African countries because Africa represents Sudan's first defense line. The minister highlighted the need for a unification of discourse of Sudanese officials to avoid the adverse impact on Sudan's foreign policy and relations. He said Sudan should also Read More
  • REUTERS -  November 29Nov 29 (Reuters) - Sudan's new gold refinery has built up a daily production capacity of 900 kilograms, two months after it was launched, state news agency SUNA said on Thursday. Read More
  • Sudan Begins Emergency Vaccinations to Fight Yellow Fever Outbreak VOA - December 07 Lisa Schlein December 07, 2012   GENEVA — Sudan’s Federal Ministry of Health is organizing an emergency mass vaccination campaign against mosquito-borne yellow fever in the Darfur region. The latest figures from the World Health Organization put the number of Read More
  • Nubia was also called - Upper & Lower Nubia, Kush, Land of Kush, Te-Nehesy, Nubadae, Napata, or the Kingdom of Meroei. The region referred to as Lower Egypt is the northernmost portion. Upper Nubia extends south into Sudan and can be subdivided into several separate areas such as Batn El Hajar Read More
  • Evidence related to the so-called "A-Group" Culture is located along the Nile river between Kubbaniya, north of Aswan, and Melik en Nassir, south of the Second Cataract Nordström 1972. By re-examining the evidence, especially the funerary, a regional concentration of the sites in certain main areas was brought to light: Read More
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