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The Archbishop of Canterbury Visits Sudan

The Sudanese Foreign Minister Prof Ibrahim Ghandour welcomed today 31 July 2017 the Archbishop of Canterbury, the most reverend Justin Welby who is visiting Sudan.The Archbishop expressed his thanks and appreciation for the warm welcome and hospitality which he received from the people and Government of Sudan. He also praised the spirit of religious tolerance among the Sudanese people and the Sudanese Government’s commitment to the freedom of worship for all faiths, and lauded the Sudanese Government’s aid to South Sudanese refugees.

The Foreign Minister elaborated that religious tolerance was one of the characteristics that distinguish the Sudanese people and that religious freedom is included in the political manifesto of the current Government of National Consensus. H.E. went on to explain the Government’s efforts in helping and offering a safe haven for the brothers and sisters who arrive as refugees from South Sudan.

Issued on 31 July 2017 in Khartoum
The Spokesperson
Ministry of Foreign Affairs

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US sanctions lifted from Sudan.

The People and Government of Sudan welcome the positive resolution taken by H.E. the United States President Donald Trump on 6th October to permanently lift the United States sanctions on Sudan. Read more

National Dialogue Leads to Fundamental Changes in the Sudan

Speaker of the Parliament, Professor Ibrahim Ahmed Omer, announced on Sunday 23rd October, that the Parliament has received the proposed constitutional amendments agreed upon as part of the ‘National Dialogue Process’.

The inclusive Sudanese National Dialogue which was launched on 10th October 2015 in Khartoum is now over. The marathon deliberations to which observers and diplomats were invited culminated in recommendations that will revolutionize most aspects of life in the country. ..Read more…

60th Anniversary of Independence

On New Year’s Day 1956 the Republic of the Sudan was born. It stood on the foundations of many African kingdoms in Nubia, Darfur, Kordofan, Blue Sultanate and South Sudan.

The declaration of independence came about peacefully when the first elected parliament of 1953 voted unanimously for complete independence from the Anglo-Egyptian colonial administration.

Sixty years on, the Sudan maintains good relations with Britain (which has no sanctions on the Sudan) and Egypt, as well as the Republic of South Sudan which was inaugurated on 9th July 2011 as a result of an overwhelming vote for secession by the people of South Sudan….. Read more

President Bashir at the AU 27th Summit (Kigali) 10-18 July

Once more, African leaders have confirmed solidarity with the Sudan when President Bashir participated in the AU 27th Summit (Kigali 10-18 July). Read More 

The Politics of Sudanese Higher Education Revisited | By Khalid Al Mubarak

While in Khartoum for the 4th University of Khartoum Higher Education Conference, I asked an employee of Khartoum University Press about former colleagues, then about the trees which I planted (when I was director of KUP). She smiled and said: They are huge and shady now. This was one of several nostalgic moments in which – during my visit – my mind sometimes wandered backwards. Read More…

Khartoum Forum on Role of Media in Combating Terrorism

Date: 23/08/2016

The status of the Sudan as one of the most stable countries in a turbulent region was consolidated last week with its choice as a venue for the Arab League’s Forum on the Role of Media in Combating Terrorism. The timely event on (18-19 August) was addressed by both the First Vice President, in the opening session, and President Bashir in the closing session. Read more…

Ambassador H.E. Mohamed
Abdalla Idris

Sudan Embassy, London

Sudan Embassy, 3 Cleveland row,
St. James’s, SW1A 1DD

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History of Embassy
Established on : June 1956

First Ambassador : HE Awad Satti

The Sudanese Embassy in London A Short History of a Long and enduring Friendship Sudan declared independence peacefully after a vote in parliament on 19 December 1955 .