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Emergency Travel Document

Welcome to the Embassy of the Republic of Sudan, London

Emergency travel documents

  1. Only issued for applicants of Sudanese origins who do not possess the required valid travel documents, or alternatively the travel cards of foreigners of Sudanese origins, that enable them to duly make their flights to Sudan. It is used only once and has to be handed over to the respective port authorities in Sudan upon arrival.
  2. The following requirements are needed for issuing the document
    1. A filled application form Click here to download.
    2. Two passport-size photos.
    3. Proof of settlement in the UK (Indefinite leave to remain or permanent residency).
    4. A Sudanese ID.
    5. For children born abroad, birth certificates along with the Sudanese IDs of the father are required.
    6. Fees are £20.
  3. Personal attendance at the Embassy by the applicant is required

Birth certificates for children of Sudanese origin

  1. They can only be issued for children under 6 months of age. For those who are 6-months or older, the application has to be done to the respective department at the Interior Ministry in Sudan.
  2. The following requirements are needed for issuing the certificate:
    1. A copy of the detailed foreign birth certificate showing the details of the child and the parents.
    2. Copies of the parents’ Sudanese IDs with full names in four parts (the name doesn’t have to be in four parts should the mother’s ID be non-Sudanese).
    3. A copy of the marriage certificate.
    4. £11.
  3. Applications can be made via post with fees only paid by postal orders addressed to Sudan Embassy.

Certificate of good conduct

  1. Personal attendance of the applicant is required for the fingerprints to be taken.
  2. Three passport-size photos.
  3. A filled application form.
  4. Fees are £40.
Ambassador Mohammed Abdalla Ali Eltom

“Mr. Eltom has been in the Foreign Service for nearly 28 years.”He served in various regions in the world where he held positions in Sudan Embassies in the Middle East in Amman-Jordan, Damascus-Syria and Abu-Dhabi-UAE.”.

“He then served in Sudan’s Embassy in Washington DC where he was selected by the Foreign Ministry to be within the diplomatic staff that re-inaugurated the Embassy after a period of closure.”

Sudan Embassy, London

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